What is Registered Agent?

A registered agent is an assigned representative that assumes everything on your behalf to start your LLC remotely in the USA

When you decide to start an LLC in the USA, you start to research every detail, such as taxation, business types, selection of state, or bank account. During your research, you see the term registered agent very often. What is a registered agent? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is an assigned person or institution to prepare the government correspondence, incorporation process, and compliance documents for you to help you to start your LLC remotely in the USA.

It is mandatory to work with a registered agent to start an LLC remotely in the USA. If you are not a citizen in the USA, no one recognizes you neither as an individual nor a company. The government designates institutions, and gives them the authorization to handle everything on your behalf.

What Does a Registered Agent Do? What are the benefits?

In fact, after they decide to start a company in the USA, they take over every job. The entrepreneur only does what the Registered Agent demands of him. For example, sign some files and send them digitally. During the LLc startup phase, a Registered Agent manages all processes on our behalf. It completes everything so the LLC stays in good shape.

What Does a Registered Agent do? What are the Advantages?

Registered agents do everything for you after you decide to start your company. The entrepreneur only does the things the registered agent asked for. For example, signing and sending some files digitally. Registered agent manages the incorporation process on our behalf by complying with every condition and provides a sound process.

Is a Registered Agent Necessary only for the Establishing?

No. You need your registered agent after the establishment. For example, we pay franchise taxes to the government and we may need their help about it, they remind us the time we should pay our taxes and provide help when we need it.

Not only about taxes but also answering any question you may have is another service they provide. Also, the government wants foreigner’s LLCs connected to a registered agent.

Another thing is, it is mandatory to write a USA address to the documents you are preparing for your company. Since the address the company will be established has to be the same as the address of the company, we need a permanent address. One way of doing this is renting virtual addresses monthly, but this method costs more, the other way is using your address which is provided by your registered agent. With this method, you overcome the address problem while you are paying an annual fee to your registered agent.

What are the Registered Agent Prices?

Registered Agent prices vary by institution. It changes between $89 and $200. Since some of the registered agents we have talked about above let us use their address, they may set their prices according to it. In fact, the service type they provide is almost the same as one another and the things we should be careful about are;

  • Which registered agent is more affordable?
  • Has it been active for a long time? The past of the agent is important.
  • Do they let us use their addresses?
  • Are their support and communication services good enough?
  • Is their first year free?

If you can answer these questions with yes’ about a registered agent, then that registered agent is right for you. Registered agents require the service fee during the company registry, and then you do not need to pay for anything until next year. The required service fee for starting an LLC includes the first year’s registered agent cost, so you do not pay extra. Some registered agents provide first years’ services for free, for example, Incauthority.

Before making a choice, you may see many different options but be careful about extremely low-prices registered agents. At this point, prefer working with well-known and reliable agents. There are guides that I have written about reliable agents, before choosing your registered agents, take a look at them.

The List of Reliable Registered Agents

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