Opening a Bank Account Online For Non-Us Citizen

How to Open a US Bank Account Online with Mercury Bank?

If you have previously planned to sell products abroad or do E-commerce, the biggest obstacle after forming an LLC will usually be to open a bank account and transfer the money to your country of residence.

Which bank will the earned money be transferred to? How is money transferred? What will it cost me? As many questions and problems are inevitable.

Banks are doing their best to make things easier for the companies, but they require a visit to the country to open a bank account on the LLC launched in the USA. In this case, entrepreneurs are disappointed and give up their ventures.

Opening a US bank account remotely online was relatively easy at first, but with Dropshipping and Amazon FBA popular all over the world, there was a lot of demand. At the same time, when problems such as abuse came along, it became quite difficult to open a remote bank account in the United States.

Until Mercury Bank stepped in!

Mercury Bank founders, who are on the same ship with entrepreneurs, rolled up their sleeves to make it easier for entrepreneurs to open remote bank accounts and founded Mercury Bank in 2019.

What is Mercury Bank? What does it offer?

Mercury Bank was founded by Immad Akhund, Max Tagher and Jason Zhang in April 2019 in America. Immad Akhund, who comes from entrepreneurship, states that they entered into this formation in order to prevent entrepreneurs (also to close this gap) the same problems they had with banks during their entrepreneurship years.

Mercury bank offers great convenience for those starting a new business. Here are some of its features;

  • Cheque account
  • A saving of 1-2%
  • ATM Card
  • ACH payments
  • Chequ payments
  • Domestic and International bank transfers (Money transfers to some countries are not supported for now, but can be solved with Transferwise)
  • Useful tools for tracking money
  • FDIC insured deposits
  • Online account opening remotely
  • Internet banking
  • A free debit card for every user
  • and more…

Mercury Bank Costs and Price

Opening an account with Mercury Bank is completely free. They do not charge any additional fees, you just need to own an LLC and have an EIN.

Amerika' da banka hesabı açmak Mercury Bank

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly dues
  • No application fee
  • There is only a $ 5 in-US transfer fee and a $ 20 flat fee for a non-US transfer

What Kind of Companies Does Mercury Bank Not Accept?

First, you need to set up an LLC in order to open an account with Mercury Bank online. Individual applications are not evaluated.

If you are planning to forming a LLC, I recommend you to take a look at the guide of Forming a LLC in USA with Northwest, which I explained about LLC setup at a cost of $ 139.

The entrepreneur-friendly Mercury Bank is against some kind of business. Some of the categories are;

  • Gambling and betting business
  • Adoult Web Sites
  • Marijuana industries
  • In addition, there may be some categories they deem inappropriate.

In summary, Mercury Bank approves many sectors that do business in accordance with the rules.

What Documents Are Required to Open an Account with Mercury Bank?

There is only one requirement of the Mercury bank application process. In order to open an account, you will need to own an LLC with an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the USA. However, you must provide the LLC’s master agreement and your official ID (passport or ID) to them.

Don’t be afraid to start an LLC, it can be set up in the US in a matter of days for just $ 150-250. In states such as Kentucky, Wyoming, New Mexico, annual taxes are low, there are company formation guides for many states on our website. You can make the state selection and start the LLC immediately.

Does Mercury Bank Offer Debit Cards?

Yes, it provides a debit card for each member, but for outside of the US you will need to use a mail forwarding service.

How to Open a Mercury Bank Account Online in America?

It’s very simple what you have to do. After the company setup is completed and you have the EIN, go to and click the “OPEN ACCOUNT” button to start signing up.

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak

Complete the first step by entering the form below, name, surname, e-mail (a mail such as gmail, hotmail can cause a problem, use your business mail) password.

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak online uzaktan

Type in the company name and choose your status.

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak

Enter a team call signature. It can be your company name.

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak online uzaktan

These are unacceptable company categories. In other words, such companies are not accepted to Mercury Bank.

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak online uzaktan

They want these from you.

Amerika da banka hesabi acmak 6 Opening a Bank Account Online For Non-Us Citizen

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak online uzaktan

You have to fill in all the forms carefully. Fill in all fields and submit the form.

Amerika da banka hesabı açmak online uzaktan

After submitting the form, you should now wait for the approval process. If you are deemed appropriate in a very short time, you will be approved. You need to check your e-mail address. You can use Zadarma for us phone number.


Mercury Bank is really a great solution for entrepreneurs who are starting a new LLC and residing outside of the US. Especially being able to open remote accounts, being free of charge and not including too many procedures makes it unrivaled in this field. Mercury prioritizes the efficiency of startups rather than bureaucracy. Signing up for an account takes less than 10 minutes and the approval process is fast. The lack of a better alternative at the moment makes it unrivaled.

If you have an E-commerce or online business plan, you can open an LLC and start benefiting from Mercury Bank’s blessings.

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