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How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

Son güncelleme tarihi : 15 May 2022

This is a guide that you can find answers to any kind of question that you may have. Let’s start our journey to creating and verifying an account on Stripe, the most preferred payment gateway.


Every entrepreneur needs a payment gateway like Stripe to start an e-commerce business. However, the countries that are supported by Stripe are limited. The solution is possible if you can meet every condition required by Stripe

How does Stripe accept when an account is created from an unsupported country?

To make this possible, looking at the FAQ documents is enough. They explain their needs clearly. Stripe says;

Stripe Hesap Açma

Everything is clear above. To create a Stripe account, the country should support Stripe. Since the USA is on the list of supported countries, if you start a business there, the problem will be solved.

To start an LLC in the USA for a reasonable price (between $110 and $150), the first thing you should do is following this guide and establish your business. Otherwise, as a result of all the other illegal ways, your Stripe account will be suspended. The safest way of starting an LLC is, getting an EIN and creating a Stripe account.

You should meet the requirements below after starting your company.

The Requirements to Create an Account from a Different Country

  • The Tax ID in the country that you want to establish your company (EIN can be gotten from IRS after incorporation of the company.)
  • A physical place address in that country that you can receive mail. A virtual mailbox is not accepted. (It is not the place you live in; we will give more details about it.)
  • A phone number from that country. (You can get it from Zadarna for $2 or $3)
  • An ID, passport, or driver’s license that given by the government
  • A website that completed, and complies with the terms and conditions of Stripe. (Click here)
  • The currency that is used in that country and a physical bank account. Mercury or Transferwise is accepted.


How to Overcome the Address Verifying Process for Stripe

Since your company is in the USA, there is no problem. The address on the incorporation document is enough for the verifying process.

What are the needed documents for verifying?

Let’s look at the Stripe documents again;

stripe hesap acma ve dogrulama How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

The document we need is the Main Agreement or the commercial papers given by the other government. (This is our incorporation document. When the address in your Stripe account and on the LLC incorporation document, or “Articles of Organization”, matched, verifying is done.)

Since we are not residents in the USA, we cannot document an address under our name. We will use the Articles of Organization document which is provided when you start an LLC.

Let’s summarize all the requirements till now and list everything;

  1. Since we will create a Stripe account as a company from the USA, an LLC incorporated in any state.
  2. The incorporation document, which is sent to you after incorporation. (It is needed to verify the address)
  3. An EIN after the incorporation
  4. A phone number in the USA
  5. A website that is completed, and complies with the terms and conditions
  6. A physical bank account


After fulfilling these conditions, a verified and legal Stripe account can be created and you can start to accept payments from your clients. Let’s get into details of the steps of fulfilling these conditions.

  1. Starting an LLC in the USA

There are lots of resources on this website about this subject but establishing the company in Kentucky with Inc Authority is the most reasonable and low-priced solution. The total of the incorporation expenses is $150 with a 20% discount right now.

Follow the Starting an LLC in the USA with Inc Authority guide to establish your company.

  1. LLC Articles of Organization

After establishing your company, you can download your document from your Inc Authority panel. Download and save your document.

You have a document like below for Kentucky;

articles of organization How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

  1. Get Your EIN

EIN will be gotten from IRS by Inc Authority and delivered to you after your company is established


  1. A Phone Number from the USA  

We have already discussed this subject here.


  1. A Website That is Completed, and Complies with the Terms and Conditions

I explained this part above. Your website is the crucial part. Since everything, the bank account, the incorporation of the company, etc., is based on your business, it is highly recommended that getting your website ready beforehand.

  1. A Physical Bank Account

The mentioned physical bank is a real bank. You can use Mercury Bank or Transferwise for free.


Creating a Stripe Account

Go to dashboard.stripe.com/register and fill out the form.

Choose the country where your company is located.

Write down your company e-mail address, name, and surname. Select the United States and create a password. Create your account by agreeing on the terms.

Stripe hesap açma

Complete your e-mail activation.

Stripe hesap açma

Now, you can create your business account.

In order to do it, click on New Account from the top left, and write your company name

stripe hesap acma turkiye 6 How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

After creating a new account for your company, click on the “Activate Your Account” on the left side.

Stripe account activation

After choosing the registered business address and business structure, continue.

stripe hesap acma activate your account 8 How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

In this step, you have to be sure that you are giving the right and full information.

You can continue to the next step after writing your legal business name, EIN, industry, business website, and a brief product description.

stripe hesap acma activate your account 9 How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

Fill out every form from the left side.

stripe hesap acma activate your account 10 How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

stripe hesap acma activate your account 11 How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us ResidentYou can fill out the bank account information part with your Mercury Bank or Transferwise information.

After everything is done, you will have a verified Stripe account.

stripe verified How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident


stripe account verified How to Open a Verified Stripe Account for a Non-Us Resident

You can see the tax information is verified in the screenshot below.

Stripe hesap açmak DoğrulamaFinaly

Please test it before on the test mode. Then go to live mode and get the API and secret key and complete the integration process of your website.


When you complete these steps, you will have an account on the most used and safest payment solution, Stripe.

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  • Hi I’m glad that you wrote very detailed article on this topic.

    Can you please suggest me,

    I’m planning to launch my own product online, which will be subscription based product people will come and purchase 20 or 50 USD subscription.

    I have created an LLC company soon I will get the EIN number.

    Since I want to do business globally all over the world I’m confused if Mercury or Wise may stop me for this.

    Can you please suggest in order to use stripe without any problem to allow all users globally as a subscription based product on tech services.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Mercury and Wise won’t stop you because they both support digital platforms and entrepreneurs globally. You can transfer the balances you collect with Stripe to your Mercury or Wise accounts. Many people already use this method. Nothing negative has happened so far.

      By the way, if you are going to use Stripe, remember that you can only add one bank account. When you reach that stage, you will have to choose between Mercury or Wise.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply. I really appreciate.

    Now if i want to create a business account on wise using my LLC it means my business account is supposed to be located in the US so i will have to provide a US bank account again to approve my “US” business account…. Which is the reason why i am using Wise for… Does it make sense? Because i had tried to do that in the past and found that if i am going to use my LLC to creare my Wise business account they will ask for my LLC bank account in US also and address and phone number in US… Can you explain how you did it with Wise?

    • Wise requests a payment from you to verify your account. Then you get that payment back. You can also make your payment at your local bank. You do not need to have an account with an American bank for this.

  • Thank you for this article. I have tried Mercury and got rejected twice. First time they said that my business is not serving US citizens.

    . A year has passed and i am still struggling with this matter Now i am left with Transferwise as my last chance yo get a bank account

    I have a question do i open a personal transferwise account or a business account to match my stripe account? When filling my details on stripe do i fill out using my LLC details or my own personal details(referring to phone number, address…)

    • Hello,

      Mercury bank usually wants you to operate within the US and may therefore reject some projects.

      The best thing to do right now is to open a Wise account.

      You must open a business account for Wise. Give them your company information and EIN number when opening an account.

      Your account will be approved within 2 days. In this way, you can get the money on the stripe with TWise. I also use this method.


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