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On our website you can find guides for starting a new business, running E-commerce and Startup projects, forming an LLC in the USA.

With our guides you will learn how easy it is to form an LLC in the USA and growth your business online.

Where To Begin?

In many countries, because of the taxation rates and the difficulty of payment systems from foreign customers, entrepreneurs find it difficult to open up to the outside world.

Especially entrepreneurs who want to step into the business world with startup projects, dropshippers or those dealing with e-commerce tend to forming a company in USA to overcome these difficulties. Although this process seems too complicated to many people at first, actually forming company in USA is simple and cost less.

Why is there a need to form an LLC in the USA? First you will find an answer to this question. Afterwards, you will be able to learn all the requirements you need thanks to the guides we have created.

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Why is it Necessary to Start a LLC in USA?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the page, one of the biggest reasons for start a LLC in the USA or abroad is based on the advantages related to taxation. As for other reasons;

  • Low setup cost
  • Less procedure
  • It can be setup safely without going to USA from a distance
  • There is no need for monthly sales tax depending on the business you do and the geography you sell
  • Every month accountant, withholding, etc. You don’t have extra expenses like
  • Your privacy is ensured and its name is never mentioned anywhere
  • Considered as e-commerce, you can get payment from credit cards online. (You can get paid by stripe by opening a bank account)
  • It can give you reputation
  • Allows you to settle in USA by obtaining an investor E2 visa in the future

We can count many more advantages, but these are the most well-known advantages. After start a LLC in USA and talking about some of its advantages, we can go into a little more detail.

What type of company should I setup?

When our field of interest and main subject is startup and entrepreneurship, it is not difficult to predict the type of company we are interested in, but if we need to pass over for information purposes, the types of companies in the USA are

  • LLC
  • S-Corporation
  • C-Corporation
  • Nonprofit

To briefly mention these company structures;

S-Corporation: The founding partners of their companies must be US citizens.

C-Corporation: It is the type of company that can be established remotely without a US citizen. Shareholders of the C-Corporation company type must pay sales tax at the individual and company level. This company type has different taxation models at the federal level and the established state level. C-corp type company can be preferred in more serious projects, for example, if you have a business model that will be valued in the future where you are planning to invest, you can choose C-corp. If you do not have such a situation, LLC is the best choice.

Nonprofit : As the name suggests, it is a structure used for non-profit organizations. Since it has little to do with entrepreneurship, there is no need to dwell on it.

LLC : LLC is short for Limited Liability Company. It is a business structure used to protect the founder’s personal assets. It is currently the most preferred type of company for entrepreneurs, especially when it is established individually without a partnership.

All articles on this website will be about a sole proprietorship (individual) LLC company. So you will see the word LLC a lot here.

Which state do I have to choose to establish a LLC company in the USA?

It is more correct for a US citizen to set up the LLC type company in the state in which he is located. Since this is where he lives, he may have some legal obligations. What about in which state should a person or entrepreneur who does not live in the USA setup the LL

The important thing here is to reduce entrepreneurial expenses with the tax advantage. In this case, the most advantageous states; Delaware, New Mexico, Florida and Wyoming. I will give a lot of information about the LLC to be setup in these states.

LLC Setup prices in the USA

Prices can be very different. There are setup and annual filing fees by state. I will give a lot of information about different registered agent companies on this website. You have to use one of these registered agent companies. (If you do not live in the USA) You will be paid a fee for conducting the transactions for you. This situation creates a difference in company setup costs in the USA. There is also a state-by-state filing fee to be paid to the state during the setup phase. We will also talk about these fees in detail.